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Mesure challenges that developing countries face are hunger, lack of clean water and malnutrition period. What if we could do something to reduce this by using what we have? This is how everything started for us. Since then, some invested their knowledge, other their time and some made financial donation. God has used these assets to change people lives through Well of plenty and many others donors.

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What we do

Empowering local farmers with farm techniques to improve their crop production and providing clean water to communities.

From drilling water wells, installing water tanks, providing public water kiosks and farms, our mission is to help communities to improve their life standards.

Farming tecniques

With the introduction of irrigation systems, manure, and other organic fertilizers, people in developing countries are able to get more production without spending a lot of money.

Reduce malnutrition

More production means, families will have less problems feeding their children.

Farm to table program

Year around of fresh produce and more production, local farmers are able either sell their crops as income generate generating or localy process them to have semi-processed products. This will keep them healthy.

Clean water to community

Communities will be provided with water wells. This will unable them to fetch clean water without going long distancies.

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Farming Practices To Preserve Land & Water

Farming practice for

Chicken Farmed For Meat and manure production

Since we will be using organic manure for crop production, animal farming (chickens, cows, pigs) is an added value to the program as we produce our own manure.

Farming practice for

Drip Irrigation system

With countries facing rain shortage, the use of drip irrigation technologies help farmers to make more crops with just a small quantity of water.

Farming practice for

Farming machinery and testing equipment

We provide farming machinery and testing equipment to lighten the burden of farming activities and conduct soil, water and nutrients tests

Farming practice for

Reducing Malnutrition

By improving the production, our main mission is to reduce the percentage of malnutrition among the people. We dream of the day when no one will die of hunger in developing countries, no one will miss food even a single night.

Farming practice for

Soil Improvement Techniques

Organic farming improves the soil quality, that is why we encourage and produce 100% organic produces. No use chemical fertilizer.

Farming practice for

Intensive Fruit Farming

Different fruits are being produced by us. Order now

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